Time for Change

Time To Travel And Dating

Quitting my job

So a couple of months ago I had enough. I quit my job. It felt amazing. All that kept hate for my life and job. Now it was time to release it and focus on what will make me happy. It is time for change! For very long I had been trying to organize a strike on my workplace but nobody was interested in change. Most people would rather live in a sheltered secure life and be unhappy or even miserable compared to actually taking a change. Risking something is not worth winning everything apparently. Oh well I’m out. I quit. I now want to be able to do all the things that I have been dreaming about.



So many things I want to explore and improve on. I want to be the best possible version of myself.I want to have an amazing body (right now I’m a bit fat and out of shape). I want to go travel the world. I want to date beautiful girls. I want to learn how to be good in social situations. I want to dive with sharks in south america. The list could go on. So many things and only a lifetime to do it all. The bad thing is that I already wasted 30 years of my life. I spend that time to get to a place that I hated and that gave me no happiness or hope for the future. The Good: I realized this before NOW instead of on my death bed. Better late than never. I’m still young and what I have learned so far from life is that you should follow your passion. So what area to focus on first? For me the biggest problem has always been my pick up game. I have never been good with woman, and I really want to get my dating situation handled. I seriously thing that a man can not be complete without having control over who he attracts. So how will I learn this? I have a good friend that has a dating blog TinderSmooth (read here http://tindersmooth.com) where he writes about how to pick up girls online. He has some pretty good pick up lines for guys that will make setting up dates easy. With his help I will get a lot of easy dates and evaluate how they goes with him. He has a good understanding on girls and will help me understand how to improve my dating game.

Tinder Time!

There is a lot to learn and I’m a complete noob. Still if I just have fun I’m sure I will achieve my goals. Understanding woman and picking up girls that I’m attracted to will be the hardest thing I have done so far. Still with help from Tinder Smooth I’m sure I will get there. If you put your mind to something and work your ass off you will be successful. There will be a lot of embarrassing moments in my future, but at the same time there will also be a lot of funny times and in the end I will be a more complete human being for standing up for what I believe in. So have I learned anything yet? So far I have only looked up dating on wiki. Basically I know that you should try not to be a creep and just have fun and be yourself. This sound easy but without any experience in the dating scene it is probably way harder than it actually sounds. With time I will be a pick up machine that will get all the dates on tinder that I’m looking for. I’m sure of it! I am going to start learning basic pick up here.

Find love in Asia?

filipina woman

Thai Love Lines is a Thai dating site where thousands of Thai singles looking for love online. Meet beautiful Thai women who use the sites interactive services. Many use the website to find a Thai wife or partner who incidentally also is Thailand’s largest internet dating site.

Thai dating online – a misunderstood concept

Thai dating is in the eyes of many unwelcome, unfortunately. Many people find that they encounter suspicious glances when they tell others about their interest in thai dating. An annoying tendency created baseless.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in Thai Dating in any way, it is the meeting of two people in an unexplored and exciting universe. There are many benefits associated with thai dating, especially on the Internet.

A reputable ambassador for this phenomenon and its many benefits is the site www.ThaiLoveLines.com. Here you can freely communicate with Thai’ere in all shapes and sizes, from the 25-year-old student who would like to have someone to share life with, the 40-year-old housewife who seek good friends for life.

Many Danes have a biased attitude toward thai dating, are not always positive, but do not let this turn you off. It may well be that in mind when considering the thai dating can not avoid the thought of how friends and family will react to one’s interest, but all these thoughts must necessarily leave behind and just jump into it!

Thai dating can lead to increased self-confidence!

Almost everyone who has tried to chat with a Thai via the Internet can report only good experiences with the phenomenon. There are several examples of Danes who for long periods has struggled with low self-esteem, simply because they have not felt that they could assert themselves to the opposite sex.

After such a period where you feel really bad, and often ends up way down in the dumps, the Thai dating shown to help many. People can report a confidence boost they only had dared to hope!

Chat meeting with a Thai who also have some kind of interest in the person she is approached by, often gives people a feeling that they are worth something, and they are! So there is nothing that speaks against Thai dating, even though you may fear for your entourage reaction.

A chat-date can help you!

When did some snooping for Thai dating online can slowly start turning the informal talks towards something more date-oriented. A chat-date on a page as Thai Love Lines can help you on the way to further communication with women, and even live dates. Other good advice on filipina dating on this side.

The fact is that many men have difficulty communicating relaxed and informal with women, but here, a chat-date help. Chat-Daten are the baby steps on a long and winding road, but also a beautiful love-filled way.

In any case, that at the end of the road be a treasure in the form of love, incomparable! If you are like many others, have considered trying you with Thai dating, it is nothing else to say than, jump into it! – It will undoubtedly help you out of the long road, and hopefully all the way to the target.

Want to achieve a more relaxed and calm communication with the opposite sex, without tension and nervousness is a chat-date the perfect start!

Do you go with the idea of marrying a Thai girl? See how thai girls date.
Yes it can be tempting for cute and charming they are. But they are also the world’s best actors. The text here is, of course, not all Thai girls, but most describe the situation for many of the Thai girls as aliens in most cases the meetings on a short vacation in the tourist areas.

The text here is not to say it is wrong to marry a Thai girls. Or it can be done. Not at all. But to tell you that the world is not as rosy as it might seem at first glance. And no rule without exceptions.

Keep in mind that the monthly remuneration for work in Thailand are often under 1000 dollars. The typical barmaid is a farming family in Isaan. According to “National Statistical Office” earned an agricultural employee on average 3,679 Baht per month (550 kr.) In 2008. The average wage earner in Thailand earns 8,848 Baht (1350 kr).

Many men have been disappointed

and perhaps even ruined after having maintained a family and built houses for savings. When the money is spent was not interesting anymore. Thais perceive Westerners as wealthy credit card machines. Because we spend so much money on vacations, they think we always have so many. Do you believe that wages in Denmark is high, but the cost in Thailand.

The culture in Thailand is that young people try the elderly. In Denmark dependent “older” through taxes, but you do not pay as much tax in Thailand. Drill one Thai Girl in Denmark it is also expected that she tries family – and in most cases also need to be able to send a little more money home to make life generally better for the family.

It’s not necessarily just mom and dad, but can be much more who want part of the cake. (perhaps the main reason that she is taken to the West?) And when she has a Farang man, well then, expectations have increased and the girl may feel pressured by parents who want more and more.

The family quickly becomes bigger and bigger. An unemployed brother, uncle is sick or cousin crashed. The word “sister” covers all girlfriends. The family must not only live, but have generally improved.

Eat healthy and loose weight

vegetable for weightloss

One can observe DVFA recommendations to the diet of less than 20 dollars a day. The calculations show that Las Olsen, private economist in Danish Bank, have made for Politiken.

By juggling figures he shows that one can make a variety of menus with cheap ingredients. Often not very exciting food, but they work.

Mayonnaise egg food
“Sometimes I hear that it is very expensive to eat healthy. I had a feeling that it does not quite fit. So I took it as a challenge, “said Las Olsen, who after a short time with his head down in DVFA recommendations, lists of nutrient content and a price list from nemlig.com made three proposals.

One of them came down to 14.54 dollars to cover the nutritional requirements for an adult male – with a few big bowls of oatmeal and a dinner with fried herring, rice, sprouts and carrots. With a little more time declares Las Olsen ready to find many other proposals that hits a piece during a thieves, and with nice variation. In one of his other proposals, there is room for mayonnaise egg food.

Several nutritionists say good for the menu, although it has small imperfections – for example, lacking iron. But the idea failed nothing. And with a little more money you can make several other dinners that are more exciting and more varied.
“It’s a bit of a myth that it must be expensive to live healthy – it’s something you can shoot in front to defend why you do not do it,” says Sisse Fagt, senior advisor at DTU Food.

Dietician: “It is not rocket science ‘

Dietician Anne Louise Knudsen, who is behind the company Dietary pilot, agrees. She says that people misunderstand what healthy food means, and mixes it with ecology. She suggests that, for example, makes a weekly schedule Sunday evening.

“If you bother to spend the time, so you can easily get it to run around. It is not rocket science – it’s about to decide what you are willing to sacrifice time and energy, “she says.

Knud Juel, professor and head of research at the National Institute of Public Health at the University of Southern Denmark, is surprised that one can fall below 15 dollars, and he is pleased that efforts are made to puncture the myth of the expensive healthy food.
“There is no doubt that the price has a role, but if you really want to achieve something, politicians dare to do more. Unfortunately, we in Denmark apparently very sensitive to what we perceive to be pointing fingers, “he says.

Regulatory remedy profitable for society
Finn Diderichsen, a professor at the Department of Public Health at the University of Copenhagen, is even more direct.

He points out that it is a uniquely good business when politicians take responsibility and legislature in the area. Not only with fat tax or lower VAT on healthy food, because you can already live healthily for small money, as the figures show. Legislation could also dictate that it should be harder to find candy and cheap Cokes in stores and easier to find the healthy food.

“There are people who think it is too paternalistic. But if we present a stark socio-economic angle to it, so we know that tax and regulatory intervention works, and they give a resounding profits to society, “he said, adding that if you complain that it is an encroachment on freedom, then it is a misunderstanding.

“The prerequisite for freedom is that you’re healthy. The freedom we lose by law, we win by better health. In reality there is no contradiction. ”

Eat a maximum of 500 grams of meat a week, eat more fish and more fruits and vegetables.

This is the main features of the recently published dietary guidelines from the Food Authority and Food Institute.

The councils are updating the official dietary guidelines from 2005, and consists of ten council, which should make it easier for the individual consumer to live healthy.

“It should be a useful guide for consumers, which should be easy to fall back on,” says Food Minister Karen Haekkerup (S) from the podium at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), where the press and several nutritionists are gathered to hear the new council .

DVFA is behind the advice, however, points out that it has obtained “solid scientific backing of senior Danish researchers in health, diet and nutrition, and major Scandinavian and international research work ‘.

‘For Food Administration has been crucial that we have an optimal scientific foundation in the back when we need to communicate the diet and health of the Danes “Trine Grønlund, project manager at the Food Agency.

“Behind every council is hours of intense scientific research and a large number of academic discussions. It has been a challenging, instructive and interesting process to follow how complex academic areas turns into simple and instructive dietary guidelines’.

If you are danish (which I am :))  this blog www.hurtigtslank.dk could be a great help for weightloss.

Here follow the advice:

1. Eat a varied diet, not too much and be physically active

We have been better to eat fruits and vegetables and whole grains. But we still eat too little fish and vegetables and too much salt, sugar and saturated fat.

When you eat a varied diet, you have the best opportunities to get the nutrients you need to keep you healthy.

It is important that you do not eat too much and are physically active. So it is easier to maintain a healthy weight. You also strengthens your mental and physical well-being and prevents a number of lifestyle diseases.

How to do
Eat your fill of healthy meals. Eat various vegetables, fruit and whole grain products each day. Alternate between different types of fish, low fat dairy products and lean meats over a week. Potatoes is part of a varied diet.

Hold with food and drinks that are high in fat and / or high in sugar, such as fast food, snacks, soft drinks and candy.

Have a good balance between how much energy you get through food and drink, and how much you consume through physical activity. Follow health recommendations for physical activity.

Go for Keyhole and Wholegrain label when you shop.

2. Eat fruits and many vegetables

Most of us eat fruits and vegetables every day, but we can benefit from eating even more vegetables.

Vegetables and fruits contain many of the vitamins and minerals you need to keep the body healthy.

Vegetables and fruits also contain relatively few calories, and particularly the coarse vegetables rich in dietary fiber. When you eat fruits and many vegetables, it is therefore easier to maintain or achieve a healthy weight. Moreover, it helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer.

How to do
Eat 6 a day – equivalent to about 600 g of vegetables and fruit. At least half should be vegetables.

100 g of vegetables or fruit is equivalent to a large carrot or apple.

Choose especially the coarse vegetables such as onions, peas, broccoli, cauliflower, root vegetables and beans.

Eat vegetables to your main meals, and eat fruits and vegetables as snacks. So when you are most easily up to 600 g per day.

3. Eat more fish

We have been a little better to eat fish in recent years, but we need to eat more.

Fish, especially oily fish, contains fish oils, selenium, iodine and vitamin D, which the body needs, and that are difficult to get enough of the other foods.

When you eat fish several times a week, you have less risk of cardiovascular disease compared to those who rarely eat fish.

How to do
Eat fish at least 2 times a week as a main course and several times a week as cold cuts.

In total, you like to have 350 g of fish per week. Of these, approximately 200 g of fatty fish such as salmon, trout, mackerel and herring.

All kinds of fish counts, including fish cakes, frozen fish, canned fish like cod roe, tuna and mackerel and seafood like shrimp and clams.

Choose fish products with the Keyhole.

4. Choose whole grain

We eat more whole grains than in the past. However, there is still some way to the goal.

Whole grains rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Whole grain versions of bread and cereals are important in today’s meals, as they contain many important nutrients.

Whole grains saturates very well. This means that you eat less and will be easier to keep the weight. Moreover, whole grains good for the digestion and keep the stomach in the process.

When you eat whole grains, it helps to prevent inter alia, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and various types of cancer.

How to do

Eat at least 75 grams of whole grains per day. Whole grains found in food that is made from cereals, where the whole grain is taken. 75 g whole grain equals, for example 2 dl oatmeal and a slice of whole grain bread.

Choose whole grain first – it’s easy if you go for wholegrain label when you shop.

Wholegrain label is your guarantee of a high content of dietary fiber and whole grains in breads, grains, flour, cereals, rice and pasta.

Choose rye bread or other whole grain bread for lunch box.

Choose whole grain or paste as part of your hot main meal once in a while.

5. Choose lean meats and deli meats

Most women eat the recommended amount of meat. The same applies to only half of the men. Both sexes generally eat too much cooked meats.

Meat contains proteins, minerals and iron, which the body needs.

When choosing lean meats over fatty meats, for the good nutrients from meat, but not as much saturated fat. Saturated fats can help to increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

There is a relationship between the development of some types of cancer and to eat much red meat and especially processed meats. Therefore, avoid eating too much red meat and processed meat.

Red meat is the meat of four-legged animals, such as beef, veal, lamb or pork – whether it’s done or not.

Processed meat is smoked, salted and nitritkonserveret meat, such as deli meats, ham, ham, sausages and bacon.

How to do

Choose meat and meat products with max. 10% fat. Eat no more than 500 g cooked meat per week from beef, veal, lamb or pork. This corresponds to 2-3 dinners a week and a bit meats. Choose poultry, fish, eggs, vegetables or legumes the other days and cold cuts.

Meat can be cooked in many ways – eg boiled, grilled or fried. Remember to vary the way you cook your meat on, and it should not be grilled or fried, the crust is dark.

Go for the Keyhole, when you shop. This makes it easy to select the lean kødvarianter.

6. Choose low fat dairy products

We have been better to drink skimmed milk, but we eat too much of the fat cheeses.

Dairy products containing both protein and a variety of vitamins and minerals. They include an important source of calcium in our food.

But dairy products also contain saturated fat, which in large amounts may increase the risk of lifestyle diseases.

There is room for fat dairy products in a balanced diet – but only occasionally.

When you select the lean varieties of dairy products instead of the fat, you get the products good nutrients and less saturated fat.

How to do

Choose skimmed, mini or buttermilk.

Choose sour milk products, such as yogurt, with max. 0.7% fat and cheese with max. 17% fat (30+).

Hold with using milk products with a high fat content, such as butter and cream.

1 / 4-1 / 2 liters of milk daily is appropriate to the Danish food habits. When you eat healthy, there is also room for 1-2 slices fat cheese (about 25 g).

7. Eat less saturated fat

More than half of Danes eat roughly the recommended amount of fat, while the rest eat more. However, we must all be better to eat the right type of fat.

We eat about a third too much saturated fat, ie the fat present in butter and butter blends, milk, cheese and meat.

The fat in food helps the body get vital fatty acids and fat-soluble vitamins. But too much saturated fat can increase the risk of lifestyle diseases.

How to do

Cut down on your consumption of saturated fat. Choose vegetable oils eg rapeseed oil and olive oil, liquid margarine and soft margarine instead of butter, butter blends and hard margarine.

A rule of thumb is that the softer the margarine and butter at refrigerator temperature, the more unsaturated fat containing it.

Scratch bread – or discontinue the use of fat. Fry the meat and vegetables in oil instead of butter, and throw the frying fat away.

Go for the Keyhole, when you shop. It shows the way to the fats contain less saturated fat.

8. Eat foods with less salt

We eat too much salt as we daily receive 8-10 g salt through food.

You can benefit from lower your consumption by approximately 3 g daily. This is equivalent to 1/2 tsp.

Most salt we get from processed products such as bread, meat, cheese and ready meals. Under 20% of the salt we add itself.

When you eat less salt, lowers your blood pressure, and it helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and certain types of cancer.

How to do

Buy foods with less salt. Cut down on the use of salt in your cooking and your food.

Taste your food before you salt the. Both when cooking and at the table.

We have become accustomed to eating a lot of salt, but our taste buds can also get used to less.

Fast food and other convenience foods often contain a lot of salt.

You can easily cut your salt consumption down by cooking yourself and go for the Keyhole, when you shop.

9. Eat less sugar

6 out of 10 children and 4 out of 10 adults get too much sugar.

Over 80% of the sugar we get from candy, soda, ice cream and cakes. We get about 10% from sweet cereals and fermented milk products with added sugar, such as fruit yogurt.

There is room for a bit of sweets occasionally. If you get many empty calories of sugar from what you eat and drink, occupy the space for the healthy food. This can make it difficult to get the vitamins and minerals you need.

Food and drink with a lot of sugar increases the risk of becoming overweight and caries.

the normal health advice is normally garbage.

How to do

Cut down on sweets and drinks both in everyday life and on holidays. Most may advantageously halving consumption of sweets, soft drinks, juices, ice cream and cakes.

Drink max. Half a liter of soda, juice, juice or energy drink a week and serve water or Keyhole milk at meals.

Do not buy candy, cookies and soft drinks to stock. Once you have sweets within reach, tempting you to eat too much of them.

Do you eat sweets and cake, eat smaller portions.

10. Drink water

The body needs water to function optimally.

Water covers your fluid needs without adding unnecessary calories.

When you drink water instead of drinks with added sugar or alcohol, it is easier to reach or maintain a healthy weight.

How to do

Drink water instead of, for example, soft drinks, alcohol, fruit juices and

lemonade for food when you are thirsty between meals, and when you exercise.

When it is not so hot, it’s usually enough to drink 1-1 1/2 liters of fluid a day.

Choose like tap water. Tap water in Denmark is clean.

Coffee and tea count toward your fluid balance. Remember to save the sugar and cream.

You can also find more advice about quick weightloss (warned it’s in danish) athurtigtslank.dk.